Thursday, October 18, 2012

"Baby Blue"

I think that the majority is voting for "boy" :)

Cupcakes ready to reveal the results! (Hint: I put the BLUE bird as part of the decor, but nobody noticed!) 

The results to the "Wives Tales" game

We wore what color we thought the baby would be as a family too! Chad thought it was a boy, but wore pink to the ultrasound so he wouldn't jinx us! :)
 I'm the only one who had lips instead of a mustache!

All 3 girls said they KNEW it was a boy!! I didn't believe them.

I was fully convinced it was another girl :)

Look at all those mustaches!

Time for the big reveal...1, 2, 3!!

BABY BLUE!!  It's a BOY!!!!!

In case you can't decipher, this is his little body

This is a picture looking at his face. He was so wiggly! He loved to stretch out his arms too! He has a hand up on his forehead and another one down by his chin. 

     Since this will be our final baby (and we haven't had a baby in over 6 years!)  I decided it would be fun to  have a "Reveal Party"! Usually Reveal Parties are to reveal the gender of the baby to everyone, including the parents, but we REALLY wanted to take the girls to the ultrasound. We knew that they would want to see the baby on the TV screen and they wouldn't be able to wait to find out if its a boy or we found out and I threw my own party to reveal to some of my close friends and the family in town (or coming in town) for Regan's baptism.
     Everyone was instructed to wear either pink or blue (whichever they think) and cast their vote when they came in. We played a couple games and then went straight to the cupcakes for the reveal! The group took their cupcake, counted to 3, and we all took a bite...the filling was BLUE!! IT'S A BOY!!!! I am still in shock! After all these years of trying/hoping for another baby, I never in a million years thought we would actually have a boy! When I pictured us with another baby it was a 4th girl :) The party was only about 45 minutes and was so fun!
     We can't wait for this little one to join our family!! We are all so excited (especially Chad! He is on cloud 9!!) We feel so blessed and hope he will continue to grow healthy and strong. We've had a lot of baby "blues", but it will be a whole new experience having a baby in BLUE!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Birthday Celebrations

Regan- 2nd grade
(ps- like her nails? She wanted "halloween" colors!)

This is Carl Bob...or Carl Vector...or Josh Turner...not exactly sure :)

My little Regan- 8 years old

      Regan didn't just have an ordinary birthday this year, she turned 8!! Birthdays are a big deal to me so I try to make it as special as possible to our girls. Regan had some extra special birthday celebrations! We started her day with an idea I stole from Pinterest :) Carli and Mollie were my lovely assistants in saran wrapping balloons to her door so when she opened it, the balloons would fall on was awesome! We waited in the hallway while Chad knocked on her door (her door is usually open) to wake her up. When she opened it and the balloons fell, it looked like she might pee her pants! It completely caught her off guard! So much fun!
     We had a great breakfast of biscuits and gravy (her favorite!) before sending them to school. I had talked to her teacher about bringing in a treat to help her celebrate with her class and asked Regan what kind of treat she wanted to bring in. Her request: Doughnuts WITH sprinkles :) I bought out every sprinkle doughnut City Market had that morning! Her class was adorable and she was nothing but smiles!
     As soon as school was over (it was Wednesday early release) we took the girls into town for Regan to pick out her present...a fish!! She's been asking for a beta fish ever since Carli got her fish 2 years ago. We decided she was old enough to be able to care for one properly. My favorite part was listening to the girls trying to come up with what to name it :) So funny! We then picked pumpkins, went to soccer practice, had popsicles with her team, and came home for dinner and birthday singing. Most kids want to blow out candles on a birthday CAKE, but not Regan. She wanted a birthday RICE KRISPY TREAT instead :) It was a whole day full of birthday celebrations! What a great birthday for such a sweet girl!! Happy 8th Birthday my sweet Regan!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pickin' Punkins

Carli (aka Chuck)


Miss Mollie 

Mom with her baby belly :) 

Chad HAD to have this "butt" pumpkin...he saw this thing from pretty far off and said it was calling to him!

So gross, but so Chad!!
     We made an early trip to the pumpkin patch this year (or as Mollie calls it, the "punkin" patch). Last year we went later in the month and there weren't any left! The weather was beautiful so it was a perfect time to go. The girls had fun running from row to row trying to figure out which was the BEST one! We all got one to carve and some extra for decorating. I wanted to get a picture of my pumpkin with my baby belly to show how big I've gotten so far, but it didn't really work :( Chad's did though! He got  what the girls refer to as the "butt" pumpkin because it literally looks like a butt! He saw it as soon as we got there and just HAD to have it! Such a dork! Fun family time pickin' punkins!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Playing at "Pal"

      One of our favorite times of year...our trip to Lake Powell with our friends! Mollie calls it Lake "Pal" instead of Powell and we think its pretty fitting. Fun place to go with your pals :) We take the girls out of school and have some fun in the sun on the Stegelmeiers houseboat. "What did we do?" you ask? Well, let me tell you:

  • We acted silly and laughed a lot

  •  We played in the sand and collected shells

  •  We jumped off the high dive...a lot!

  •  We went down the slide...again, a lot!

  •  We paddled around on the paddle board

  •  And paddled around in the kayaks

  •  We went knee boarding and tubing over and over and over. One of their favorite things to do!

  •  We played games and hung out with fun friends :)

  •  We went surfing

  •  We went swimming

  •  Mollie learned how to wake board (so cute! She is so tiny!) That is one fearless girl!

  •  Chad went on the air chair (crazy awesome BTW)

  •  We ate lots of food! This was the kids eating the soda that got left in the freezer and exploded :)

  •  We did some more wake boarding (Carli actually got pretty good! Way to go Chuck!)

  •  We swam some more...

  •  And went wake boarding some more...

  •  And last, but not least, we went on the catapult. HILARIOUS if you take pictures in sports mode!        First is Mollie:

              Second is Regan:

                Third is Carli:

      Great weather, great scenery, great friends, great fun!! Can't wait til next year!