Monday, March 28, 2011

Girls Hunt

I finally went hunting! It wasn't anything big, just birds, but it was so fun!! Our friends (the Stegelmeiers) invited us to go with them to a game ranch in Whitewater, CO to shoot pheasants. The guys decided it should be a "girls hunt" since neither of us had done it before. We would have gotten A LOT more pheasants if they had been shooting, but we ended up with 5. I'm not very practiced with a gun and Chad says I need to take a hunters safety course (which I probably do) but I felt so tough when I shot down a bird from the air! It was such a great afternoon!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dollar Night

(sidenote: Yes, this was a strike! and Yes, I'm using the lightweight ball!)
(I love how Chad literally throws the ball down....yes, he got a strike too!)
(Mollie has napkins in her shoes so they fit her)
For family night we went bowling at the local bowling alley and enjoyed dollar night!! The girls were in heaven!! It was great to see them having so much fun and trying something new. Carli is super competitive and she didn't like the fact that she wasn't good (I'm the same way!) She tried so hard and just could never really pick it up. So funny! Regan was just there to have a good time and ended up beating her sisters....typical! Mollie wanted to do good but got upset everytime she didn't "get lots" and pouted...also typical! They have such different personalities :) It was a blast and we might enjoy dollar night again soon!!