Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Crazy Carvers"

For some reason, these girls go absolutely crazy when they find out we're going to carve pumpkins (it's almost as good as Christmas!) We waited until the Monday RIGHT before Halloween this year, because it's pretty warm still and we would have a big moldy mess if we carved them earlier. We let the girls draw their faces first and then helped them cut them out. SO FUN! The girls gave each pumpkin a name...can you figure out which one is which?
1. Scary face
2. Silly eyes
3. Sarah

Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Politically Incorrect"

Last night, our friends had an adult costume party. It was SO much fun! We haven't dressed up in years so it was kinda fun to work together to come up with costumes ideas. In light of it being an election year, we decided on John McCain and Sarah Palin (thanks for the original idea Jill) Personally I think Chad went a little overboard (yes, he really did shave the front part of his head!) and we hope you enjoy the picture. :) Mollie told us, "Mom, you look cute. Dad, you look UGLY!" We had a BLAST!! Great costumes, great food and great company...Thanks Darrin and Darcy!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Caramel Corn

A family tradition in my house growing up was making homemade caramel corn with my Grandma. She has the BEST recipe and I have some great memories of making it with her! I decided to make some caramel corn with the girls for a yummy treat. They thought they were so big helping and stirring. And the best part...eating it! I let the girls sneak a piece while it was still hot because that is one of my favorite memories!

Backyard Roast

For fun this summer, Chad dug a firepit in our backyard. It has been really fun! We decided to enjoy it one more time before it gets too cold. We roasted hot dogs and ate outside. It was nice and we enjoyed being with each other around the fire. We have sure enjoyed Colorado and this great weather! Wish some of you were here to enjoy it with us!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween Poll

Help! I need some advice. We have been tossing around different costume ideas for weeks and couldn't ever decide. For Family Home Evening on Monday, I told the girls that we HAD to decide that night what they were going to be or I wouldn't have time to make them. Long story short...they want to be the same thing they were last year! So my question is:

Is it cheesy if the girls wore the same costumes they wore last year?

One thing you need to know is that we weren't home for Halloween last year. We went to visit the Munch family in Iowa and went trick or treating in Minnesota, of all places. I'll take advice from whoever wants to share. It's probably not a big thing, but I'm curious what you all think! Thanks!

"Tag You're It!"

I got "tagged" by my friend Katie, so here it goes! (I've never done this before! Kinda fun!)

8 TV Shows I love to watch
1. Life
2.Biggest Loser
3.The Mole
4.The Bachelor
5.Law & Order (any of them)
6.The Office
7.Tonight Show with Jay Leno
8.? (I can't think of was hard enough to come up with the ones listed!)

8 Things I did yesterday
1. Volunteered in Carli's class (I like to stay and eat lunch with Carli and her friends in the cute!)
2. Took Regan to Joy School
3. Waited for the sister missionaries to visit (we are working on our new neighbors!) FYI-the missionaries never showed :(
4. Went to the grocery store with Chad, Regan, and Mollie. WOW, groceries are expensive! Maybe we just eat too much :)
5. Took a card to a lady I visit teach...her mother just passed away
6. Took girls to Sunshine Generation (thanks are so awesome!)
7. Made dinner, washed sheets, vacuumed, & played Barbies
8. Parent/Teacher conference for Carli (I know I shouldn't brag, but she is such a good kid!)

8 Favorite places to eat
1.Suehiros (Thanks Sam and Jill! Their sushi is yummy!)
2.Olive Garden (I love to eat there with my sisters and mom...miss you guys!)
3.At home...Chad is a really good cook :) Friends are always welcome!
4.Anything seafood...shrimp, lobster, crab (Just can't get enough)
5.Friends houses (let me explain...we LOVE to hang out with friends. Dinner is the best way to just sit and "chat")
6.My dad's favorite- Chinese/Mongolian Grill
*Couldn't think of anymore-Sorry!

8 Things I'm looking forward to
1.Being completely out of debt (Soon, I hope!)
2.Having my complete year supply and 3 month food storage
3.This stupid election to be over with so I don't have to listen to anymore politics! Ugh!
4.A bigger house
5.A new car (and not going into debt for it)
6.A maid (a girl can dream right?)
7.Taking my teenage girls out of school to get lunch and a pedicure (I just can't wait!)
8.Going on a mission with Chad

9 People I tag (I couldn't stop at 8)
1.Jill Dare
2.Charisse Brownlow
3.Angela Longman
4.Miken Harding
5.Stacy Jackson
6.Darcy Case
7.Shiela Munch
8.Sally Torbet
9.Amanda McBride

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Regan!

We love this little girl so much! It's hard to believe that she's already4...time flies when you're having fun! For her birthday we went up to Meeker to spend the weekend with Grandma and Papa Dare before they move :0( We had a fun time going swimming at the rec center and having a little "party" with a butterfly cake, ice cream and presents. All she wanted for her birthday was a butterfly cake and Barbie Mariposa. Happy Birthday Regan! Love ya!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Regan's Joy School Party

To celebrate Regan's 4th birthday, she helped me make a "cupcake cake" for her Joy School friends to enjoy! She LOVED having the day fully devoted to her and having them sing to her. They even had a princess crown with princess cups and napkins :) She is such a girl!