Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

I know this seems like a weird title for a five year old going into surgery, but it really was such a happy day!! Regan got her tonsils out...finally! They have been a constant pain since she was around 18 months old. For years I have been talking to pediatricians about the size of her tonsils and her LOUD snoring. I was told over and over again that she would "grow into them" but she never did. I finally took matters into my own hands and went directly to an otolaryngologist for a consult. He listened to all my concerns/symptoms and said he knew they needed to come out before he even looked at them!
Regan has been amazing through it all! The nurses were giggling about how she was actually excited for it :) She was so brave! She never cried, whined, whimpered...she didn't make a peep (even hearing all the other kids crying) The doctor said the surgery went as well as it could (they took out her tonsils and adnoids) and that with all the infection that was in there, she will probably feel better than she has in years. Boy, was he right! They told us she would be tired (she took a little nap on the way home) but when we got home she did NOT want to sleep. All she had that morning was the "purple popsicle" she requested, so she was hungry. What did she want? BACON!! I couldn't believe it! She ate everything she could get her hands on for the next 3 hours before wanting to jump on the trampoline, swing on the swings, and all other running activities she wasn't allowed to do :) Apparently she feels A LOT better without them! Her recovery has been great so far and she is ready to go back to preschool/dance/swim/etc. We are grateful for such a good doctor and such a brave little girl!! What a happy day!