Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Project 365"

     I'm not sure if anybody has actually noticed, but I posted a "link" on the side of this blog. Its a blog all about ME...selfish, I know :) I wanted to put together a blog that shows what I do with my friends and family everyday for a whole year. I got the idea from an iPhone app called "Project 365" where you take a picture everyday and have 365 photos at the end of a year, but I decided to take it one step further and make a blog! I've made it private, and there will probably be some duplicate posts from THIS blog, but if you want an invite, just let me know. I am excited to look back at 2012 with daily photos and journaling. I've also been told it will be nice to have some photos of ME to look back on as well as pics of the girls :) Not sure if I agree, but there WILL be plenty of me. It's already been a whole lot of far, so good!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Home Improvements

New washer/dryer

New ceiling fan in bedroom

New valance in guest bath

Got these canister sets for only $4.99! Love them!

New curtains in living room

New ceiling fan #2

New valance in living room

New valance in kitchen

New valances in kitchen nook

     Since the start of the year, I've been trying to complete all my little (and not so little) projects. Long story house is looking much better! I've sewn new curtains/valances, put up new decorations, put up new ceiling fans, organized my pantries, made an FHE board, the list goes on and on! I LOVE IT!! In addition to all that, my washer and dryer broke so we had to replace them. The new ones are wonderful! I told my sister, it's kinda sad that a new washer/dryer can make me so happy :) I'm definitely a stay-at-home mom! I still have lots of projects I want to do around the house. Can't wait to get them all done!

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Day at Home

     What a perfect day to spend at school because its Presidents Day AND we woke up to snow!!  Its been an unusual winter this year with warm temperatures and hardly any snow. Personally I don't really mind (I'm from AZ remember!?) but the girls have been missing it. They were in heaven when they woke up to a blanket of white. They got outside as soon as they could to build a "jump" on the hill in our front yard. The rest of the day was spent sledding, building a snowman, and enjoying the smiles that only a day in the snow can create :) Its days like this that makes me wish we could be at home everyday! Crazy, I know...but still true.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Book Club"- A Book Review by Darcy


     Thursday was book club. We have the best group of women! We are all so different and yet so alike. I love how we all mesh together so well. We all bring a different perspective, different opinion, different life experiences...but there is still an all-around respect for each others views. My friend Darcy did this post and I liked it so much I copied it. She is an amazing photographer and her pictures capture each moment as they are. Thanks Darcy! You are truly amazing. 

I loved the book "Book Club". I would give it a 10 out of 10. The characters came to life as I read and shared in their journey. I felt as if I "knew" them and they could be real people. I found myself turning the pages late into the night, to read more, and get to know each character better.
This is a very humorous book also. I found myself laughing out loud most of the time I read. I love how funny the characters were, yet tough topics, personal stories, secrets and challenges were also shared. What I found fascinating was that each woman was so different from the next, yet they came together and could learn and grow from each other.
Absolutely a "must read". I have treasured my time reading "Book Club" and will NEVER be the same because of it.
(If you are so excited about my review and are quickly google-ing the title and author, then stop. This is NOT a real book. It's a REAL book club.)

Here is a review of some of the characters. There are many more, but for sake of pictures I will only do these special ladies...

Renee - She's young, beautiful and independent. Her ideas are often eye-opening. She adds a twist to the book "book club" because she is an aspiring writer and so her critique of books is from an authors point of view. She easily sees character flaws, yet knows how to see the whole picture and how that plays into the overall theme.

Mason - he just played a small but pivotal role. He was essential to Melissa's story and really helped ground her as a character. For the rest of the characters he was a cute, funny, boy that you had to love.

Celeste - Lighthearted, caring, and a joy to be with. The other characters gravitate to Celeste because she is accepting. She is comfortable in her own skin and comes off as a confident, successful adult.

Melissa - A very devoted friend. She is service minded, and self-sacrificing. She will not analyze or over think. She loves to try new things and most often they come easily to her, she is not likely to back away from a challenge, yet, maintains a positive outlook on life.

Shelia - She doesn't play a huge role in this first book, but I have a feeling her character will really come out as the books progress. She is quiet, yet what she shares is heartfelt and is backed by personal experience and reflection. She is one that will be heard with lots of laughter.

Cheyenna - she is goal driven, organized, and a go-getter. While often not in the lime light her quiet personality very much plays a part in all the other characters lives. Teaching comes naturally to her, and yet throughout the book she shows another side that she can be taught as well. She is confident and sure.

Darcy - she is passionate and energetic. She gravitates towards those that share the same energy. She is analytical, and often over thinks situations. She really starts to find herself in this book and it's fun to see her grow and become less afraid of making mistakes and truly seeking her potential.

Jenn- She embodies light, and laughter. She doesn't recognize the huge impact she has on all the other characters. Her insight is astounding and well put. She doesn't judge, and because of her own life challenges she is a very empathetic character. Because of her empathetic nature she is often thinking of others above herself.

Mindy- Her character draws the others and the reader in. Through friendship and laughter she very much sets the tone for the book. She is full of humor and gravitates towards those that are the same. Her vibrance and energy as mentioned before are crucial to the whole book, yet she tends to be blind to the impact she makes on the others.

Just a some of my favorite pics from the characters.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Hearts

      Happy Valentines Day!! We had our usual heart-themed breakfast (which the girls LOVE) and we gave the girls a little "something" from us. They all had a great time at their school parties too! Once Mollie got out of school, Chad and I took her with us to lunch at Suehiros. The service wasn't great, but the sushi was! Funny moment: Mollie wanted to try wasabi (aka pistachio ice cream :) ) so she stuck her chopstick right in it and got a huge chunk. I caught her before it went in her mouth but she insisted. OK! I gave her a small lick. She claimed it wasn't spicy, but she went straight for her drink! She's a brave one!
     After we picked up the other 2 from school, we headed up to the Cases for a "crazy" dinner. It was so fun! We had to fill out our menu not knowing what we were ordering. It wasn't just for food, it was your serving dish, utensil, and a way to keep clean too. For some reason, all the adults ended up with a bib :) It was hilarious to watch the kids eating mashed potatoes with tongs, or salad with a butter knife! We will be doing this every year from now on! Thanks friends! What a fun way to spend Valentines with our girls!! At the end of the day, the girls said it was the happiest day ever :) I love when they have "Happy Hearts"