Monday, January 30, 2012

Snow Wishes

Mollie has been wearing her pajamas backwards for weeks now. She is pretty quirky so I've never thought much of it (she wears her panties backwards EVERYDAY!) One night I was curious so I asked her why her pajamas were always backwards. Her response was, "So it will snow!" I was so confused! She explained that her teachers at school told the students that if they wanted snow, they needed to wear their pajamas backwards. Well, needless to say, that night it SNOWED!! She was so excited! She told me it was because of her backward-pajama-snow-wishes! I sure love you Mollie!! :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

CWOA 2011-12

 Chad had his own cheering section...which is VERY unusual for an official. Most people don't like them!
 His BIGGEST fan! :) I love, love, love her homemade sign!!
     Another year brings another wrestling season. Chad has been a wrestling official for 5 years now in the state of Colorado and officiates for high school duals and tournaments (with an occasional JV or middle school tournament). He usually has to travel so when he officiates a local high school event, I take the girls to go watch him. They don't love the wrestling, but they like to watch him in action! I'm always surprised how physical it is for him! He recently officiated  here in Fruita for the Jackpot Duals (all 4 local high schools) so we came to "cheer" for him :) Most people don't cheer for the refs! Each girl brought a friend and the Munch family came, so he had quite the cheering section! It was fun to watch him doing something he loves!! Too bad I won't let our girls wrestle...ever!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christmas Break in AZ (Days 8-10)

 Baby Alex...she is so cute!
 Rustyn kept falling in the mud. The girls thought it was the funniest thing ever!
 Alex, Manda, and Me out at the ranch
     To end our AZ trip we stayed in Eager with Chad's sister Amanda and her family. It is always fun to visit them! We laughed so hard our stomach muscles were sore the next day :) The girls love it too because they get to ride horses. This trip the horses were out to pasture for the winter so they just got to pet/feed them, which was still great! They also got to see their new miniature horse "Little Bit" (which they loved) and catch their miniature goats. We spent time at the park, played video games/board games, and stayed up too late. Overall, such a great trip!!

New Years (aka Christmas Break in AZ- Days 6-7)

 The Grand Champion! Nobody could beat me!  

 Heather is a total cheater! She doesn't move her feet!! Don't worry, I still beat her :)
Mollie and Regan
 Brianna and Regan
 Mollie and adorable!!
The Boyz :) 
 Check out those hot!!

We could NOT keep Mollie and Braden out of the fireplace OR the firepit! They thought it was so awesome to poke it and make the sparks fly! Should I be nervous!?
 Carli and Jacob are both so competitive, and SO FAST! They were a perfect match for a race!! Carli was the overall winner (won 3 out of 5) and Jacob did NOT like being beat by a 9 year old girl!

 We had so many fireworks, it was crazy! Good thing Ben has a huge yard...there were kids everywhere! They all made it to midnight this year! :)
 The loudest part of the night...Riley's airhorn! SOSOSO annoying! Note to self: Never buy an airhorn for a teenage boy!! 
     Oh my gosh, the New Years Party at Ben's house was so much fun!! We made a huge breakfast of waffles with all the fixins, bacon, sausage, and Ben cooked up some SPAM. Sounds gross, but it was actually pretty good! Most of the night was spent competing in a "Just Dance" fun!! And so funny! If we filmed it, we could win the grand prize on America's Funniest Home Video :)
     We watched Brian Regan, we played Ben's baby grand piano, we hung around the firepit, we told jokes, we had foot races (sidenote: us Dares are super-fast!), and when the New Year finally rolled around, we got to the fireworks. I'm surprised the neighbors didn't hate us! We were setting off fireworks for what seemed like forever!! It was such a blast! Surprisingly, all the kids made it to midnight and the girls didn't get to bed until after 1am. It was a great party and a great way to bring in 2012!!

Christmas Break in AZ (Days 1-5)

Counting out their dollar bills. Mollie got $5 this year! She said getting big is so much fun!!
Regan was so excited to get $7! She put it right in her new yellow wallet :)

Grandpa spends a lot of money on these grandkids! Carli got $9 and is already looking forward to next year when she gets an even $10!

Girls Night Out! Dinner first, then Mom got us all tickets to see Jenn perform in "Annie". She played Miss Hannigan. She did an amazing job!
We got to see the Torbet cousins too! We saw "The Adventures of Tintin" in 3D then went back to their house to play and have dinner. It was so fun to see them!
Not everyone could come but we had a great lunch at Flancers, then ice cream at Dairy Queen. We laughed so hard (usually at Dad's expense, sorry Dad!)   
   We even celebrated Britney's 10th birthday....SURPRISE!

     We kept the tradition alive and drove down to AZ the day after Christmas to be with family. We headed straight to the family Christmas party and enjoyed acting out the nativity (well, sort of...the older kids don't enjoy it much anymore! They tolerate it for the little ones!) and getting dollars from Grandpa. Grandma also gave them each a wallet this year to put their $ in and they loved that! For the next few days, we played too much, ate too much, laughed too much, and talked too was great!! We stayed up too late, slept in too often, had a surprise birthday party, and had too many sleepovers! We went to the park, to the movies, to Ned's Krazy Sub, swam in the pool/hot tub and just had an all-around fun time!! LOVE Christmas break in AZ!!