Friday, May 21, 2010

Blood, Sweat, but no Tears

My upper lip/chin is so swollen, I look like a duck!
This is only half of the cut, but it hurt too much to pull it out anymore.
Some more lovely cuts and scrapes. I don't have a picture, but my legs look like I was attacked by a meat tenderizer!
Amy, Me, Mindy, and Kristy
Me and Melissa
Tough girls bike...Our new slogan. We had a girls mountain biking trip to Moab this last weekend. We rode the "Slickrock" trail (13 miles) on Friday and the "Whole Enchilada" trail (20+ miles), which is part of the Kokopelli trail, on Saturday. We had an absolute BLAST! We got a hotel, sat in the hot tub, went out to dinner, laughed, and played. Everyone had atleast one crash, and I almost made it through the weekend unscathed until the end of the last ride. A few miles before we were done, I had a good one. We were riding down a trail of rocks on Porcupine Rim and I hit a rock with my front tire just right. My handlebars jammed sideways, we were going downhill, which forced the back of my bike upward, making me fall. I threw my bike to the side and didn't have enough time to bring my arms back to save myself. End result, my face colliding with a rock. My tooth went through my bottom lip, my nose/lip are swollen, and there was blood running down my face. My claim to fame is that I didn't cry.
There was blood, there was plenty of sweat, but no tears.
Even with the crash, it was so much fun! I told my lovely neighbor Judy that I would do it again tomorrow and her response was: "Yeah, you're young...and stupid!" I guess I'm glad that I'm still young enough to do stupid things, cause it sure is a blast!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Catching up (part 2)

Still more to catch up on...
Carli had her school music program and she was SO great! She loves everything about music and dancing, which was obvious watching her perform. She takes school VERY seriously (almost too seriously!) Funny story: Carli's class had a substitute teacher. I asked her how the day went with the sub and she said the boys in her class were SO bad, she HAD to tell on them! Apparently, they were looking for the word "poop" in their word search and were saying that Caleb looked like he was "drunk"...she HAD to tell the sub! Our daughter is such a tattle-tell!! She just doesn't understand boys because she doesn't have a brother (I say it's payback to Chad for all the rotten things he did as a kid! hehe)
Sunshine Generation is now over and the girls have become little performers (especially Mollie!) They have no fear about getting up in front of people, saying their lines, singing a solo, etc. They were also able to participate in the City of Fruita Talent Show, which they LOVED. They got to meet the local radio DJ and they thought it was "cool" that she told Mollie she was "so cute".
All of the girls at one point in their lives have been found "hanging out" in the clothes dryer. Mollie, however, is just a little different. True to form, she is over the top! I found her in the dryer with all her belongings like she moved in....purse, hair clips, markers, journal, paper, stuffed animal, you name it! She said it was warm, smelled pretty, and had a light so she could see when she colored :) What a nut!
Most of you know, I teach piano at my home. I have 10 Wonderful students, who I thoroughly enjoy teaching! Another piano teacher and I joined together for a spring piano recital. All the students did an amazing job and I can't wait for the next one! Here is a picture with 8 of my students.
Last, but not least, Mollie graduated Joy School!! It was another fun year, full of the imagination and fun you can only get from 3 year olds. It's exhausting, but well worth it in the end. Mollie LOVED going to Joy School. She asked every morning if it was Joy School day and sang the songs everywhere we went :) A part of me is sad because I don't have another one to do JS with, but it's been so much fun to participate in JS with all 3 girls. Hard to believe she is big enough to go to preschool next year! Wow, they grow up too fast!!
The JS students with their moms (aka the teachers!)

How is my Mollie Dru already 3 years old?!? You gotta love this girl! She is so full of "Moll-i-tude"!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Catching Up (part 1)

There is so much to catch up on!! We have had an eventful and fun couple of months. So much has happened, it's best to just start where we left off....GET READY!

Easter was super fun! The girls always love what the Easter bunny brings and this year was no exception. None of us are early risers, so we didn't have to get up early (which is even better!) They have the greatest smiles first thing in the morning :)

After enjoying our Easter baskets, it was time for an egg hunt. Dad is the best at hiding the eggs in crazy places! All three girls had a BLAST! They want to do egg hunts over and over and over...

Before Sunday was over, we packed up and headed to Utah. Bryce Brownlow was heading to the MTC and we wanted to say one final farewell before he left. It was so great to see the Brownlows and spend a day with them. One fun activity was to fly kites (it was so windy!) I don't know why we don't fly kites more. It's fun for all ages! :)

A few days after returning home, Chad and I left for a long weekend alone. Only one word: Heaven. No schedules, no whining, no demands, nothing. We had so much fun just the two of us! We ended up going to SLC and while we were there, we got to see Temple Square. It was beautiful! We went to the outdoor mall, saw a movie, ate sushi and fondue, went to the improv, shopped, the list is endless. It was great to "get away" and it was also great to come home. We missed our girls after a couple days and were ready to see them. I will say this, every couple needs a weekend away every once in a while! :)