Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Hiccups"- February 2013

     This little guy is ALWAYS getting the hiccups...and I mean always! He gets them an average of 3-4 times a day, but usually more. It's fun for the girls to see and feel him hiccup too. First thing every morning I start my day with him hiccuping (and sometimes in the middle of the night!) so I like to wake the girls up by telling them to come feel their brother. Its actually become boring to them because they've felt him so much! My stomach is constantly moving (which I love!) but as he is getting stronger and bigger, it can be a little painful :) It will be so fun to see how active he is after he's born because he is VERY active inside!
     At my appointment last week, the doctor told me that the baby was measuring a week small so they were going to move my due date BACK to the original date of Feb. 28th instead of the 21st...WHAT!?! Doesn't he know that adds another week?! I'm sorry but no pregnant woman would ever be happy about that, or their husband :) As Chad said, "I feel so robbed!" BUT today at my appointment he is measuring right on for the 21st again! Not sure when this little guy is going to greet us, but we are anxiously awaiting his arrival!! As for now, I'll just keep enjoying all the times he gets the hiccups :)