Monday, April 25, 2011

Just for fun

Just for fun I thought I would post Easter dress pictures from this year AND the last few years. Those of you who know me know that I love to have my girls match, and Easter is always a time for me to get matching dresses! Unfortunately I couldn't find a picture of the girls in their dresses last year...I must have missed that kodak moment! I enjoyed seeing how they've grown from year to year. I just love my beautiful girls!

2007 2008

2010 (Their dresses are in the background) 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One Cute Girl

My Mollie has been bugging me to get her hair cut...not trimmed, but cut SHORT. I have tried and tried to convince her to keep it long, but she is one stubborn child! She's even tried to cut her OWN hair, so today I took her to get it all cut off. Chad and I are a little sad to see her long hair go, but this is ONE CUTE GIRL!!

Before: After:

Monday, April 18, 2011

My friends

I know I say this all the time, but we have the greatest friends here in Fruita!! It might sound silly, but I am so grateful to have a fun group of girls to hang out with! Living 10 hours away from my 4 sisters makes me really miss "girl time". These girls help to fill that void! They are funny, beautiful (obviously!), athletic, driven, talented, creative, supportive, and a blast to be around! We get together pretty frequently, but this last week some of us went out to see Kristy who moved to Idaho (BOO!). It was so fun and I just have to say that I love my girlfriends!! Thanks for everything!

Monday, April 11, 2011

The rest of Spring Break....

....was spent camping!! This camper might not be pretty, but it is SO much better than a tent! (AND it was free, remember!?) We camped outside of Hurricane, UT at a place called Gooseberry Mesa with a bunch of friends. The weather was not what we expected. We had been watching the forecast and it was supposed to be a warm, pleasant wasn't! It was cloudy, WINDY, and cold!! In spite of it all, we spent our days outside "playing" and our nights talking and playing games around the campfire. We did lots of mountain biking too which was so much fun!

Mollie and Jack building a bike jump in the sand/dirt
Way to go Mollie! :)
I just had to take some closeup shots of these dirty, messy girls. They are just like their dad and they LOVE to be in the outdoors.

My favorite part of camping (in addition to the company) is the campfire. This isn't a very good picture, but it was fun to roast marshmallows every night! Regan was getting really good at roasting a "perfect" brown marshmallow!!
I think Mollie was the dirtiest kid there! Her pink sweatshirt was brown by the end of the day!
Don't ask me why, but the kids decided to bury themselves in the dirt. Carli was the first one...
There was so much petrified wood where we camped! The kids went "exploring" every day for petrified wood. We have quite the collection!
Poor Layla was so tired! It took her almost a week to fully recover from this trip!!
The "girls" (L-R: Christy, Celeste, MindyL, Melissa, Chrissy, Amy, me)

The whole crew! Good times and great memories!!

To start our Spring Break....

.....our Grandma Whiting and cousins came to visit!! It was a blast! They were here for only a few days (because 2 days were spent driving) and we didn't want to miss a moment together so we filled our days with anything and everything we could think of. We did so many activities, we barely had time to sleep!! We went to the Dinosaur Museum
We played at McDonalds and ate ice cream

We went out to the desert and shot guns

(Yes, Grandma wore her curlers!! What is that all about!?)

We went hiking at Dinosaur Hill

We went swimming at the new Fruita rec center (sorry, no pictures!) and we tried to go bowling too, but it was over an hour wait! Instead we ordered pizza and ate ice cream at home. We were so glad they made the trip up to see us. It was so much fun to be with cousins and stay up all night talking and laughing! It always makes me homesick for AZ because I miss my family so much! Can't wait to see them all again soon!!