Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Big Girls Don't Cry?

Are you sure? This is the smiley face that we see regularly around our house. Regan has always been a pretty easy-going kid, until now. For some reason she is crying anytime I leave! She cries at Joy School, she cries at Primary, she cries at MOPS, she cries EVERYWHERE! I'm about to pull my hair out...I don't know what to do with her. She says that she just misses me. What do I say to that? She didn't do this when she was little, why would she start now? I'm praying it's a phase and that it will be over soon. We've tried talking to her, disciplining her, and bribing her all with no success. Any advice?


We were lucky enough to have Charisse and Carson come to visit for a couple of days, and it was so nice! The girls LOVED having baby Carson here :) Regan felt SO big getting to feed him (she stuck her tongue out with every bite!)
We made some yummy caramel's the girls watching the popcorn in the air popper.

We didn't do much while they were here, but we did get in a walk to the park in our neighborhood. It was FREEZING but the kids had fun anyways! Thanks for coming Charisse...we enjoyed getting to hang out with you! We miss you already!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's Potty Time!

Because of the last couple of weeks being super busy, I have neglected to mention that we no longer have diapers in our house! Mollie has been officially potty trained for over a week...even in the night! Yippee!! After picking out her new "big girl panties" (Hello Kitty), lots of praise, and 2 bags of candy - she was ready to go. It is amazing how my girls will do ANYTHING for a few gummy bears :) For some reason she wouldn't smile for any pictures; she has a mind of her own! Mollie is such a nut and we are so happy she is part of our family!! Love you Mollie Dru!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

"Cute Kitties"

We had a great Halloween! We went to our 4-ward trunk-or-treat where the girls got WAY too much candy and then to a "gathering" at a friends for homemade soups, rolls, and more trick-or-treating. We laughed, ate, and stayed out too late (Thanks Steph and Dave!) The funniest part for us was watching how the girls would literally transform into a real cat when they put on their costume...we had to call them "Kitty" and they would only answer in meows :) They even slept in their costumes, they loved them so much! This morning was like Christmas, dumping out their candy and trading with each other. Hope everyone had a very Happy Halloween!
ps-Yes, Carli DID lose another tooth, on Halloween...she's now missing her two front teeth on the top AND the bottom! We call her the toothless wonder...Christmas pics should look GOOD this year ;)