Friday, October 21, 2011

Sweet Seven Year Old

Happy Birthday Sweet Regan!
15 little chefs (not incl. siblings)

Beautiful new nails!! They felt so pampered!

My beautiful  7 year old! I love my Regan!!

Crazy cousins at Red Lobster...too much fun!

October brings a special occasion in our house...Regan's birthday! She turned 7 years old this year! Feels like just yesterday I was posting about her turning 6. This past year has just flown by! Regan is still the sweetest girl in the whole world who never complains, rarely whines, and is happy with anything and everything. She is absolutely beautiful and is really progressing in soccer. She is so smart. Regan loves school, especially reading , cooking, and art.
For her 7th birthday, Regan wanted a "cooking" party. She wants to be a cook when she grows up and so does her friend Helen. With their birthdays only 2 days apart, we had another double birthday party. So fun! Lots and lots of girls too :) The party started with decorating aprons to wear when the girls prepared their own dinner (hawaiian haystacks). They enjoyed measuring, cutting, and stirring...such cute little chefs! After the dinner prep, they ate what they had prepared. We then opened presents, created recipe books, and ended by decorating their own cupcakes. It was such a fun party!!
On her actual birth DAY, I surprised the girls by taking them to the nail salon to get their nails painted. It was fun to see what colors/designs they picked (not at all what I expected). It didn't last very long (maybe one day) so I'm not sure if I'll do that again, but it was fun nonetheless. That evening, Regan got to pick what restaurant she wanted to eat at. Of course she chose Red Lobster! Seafood is her favorite! We are so lucky to have Aunt Sheila and Uncle Mike and kids living here in Colorado now, so they came too! It made the night even more enjoyable and I know Regan LOVED having her crazy cousins there :)
Sure love my Reg-a-begs!! To my sweet seven year old...Happy Birthday!! I love you!!!