Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chicks and Giggles

Regan and Chipmunk
Carli and Gravel
Mollie and Pecker
       I should have posted about this a couple weeks ago because they are getting so big so fast, but we got more chickens! The girls have been literally begging for more chicks since we lost our chickens in the fall (its a long story, but the Munch's dog had a little chicken "fiesta" in our backyard and ate all our chickens) Chad thought it would be fun so he surprised them after school one day with 8 new chicks! They are really, really cute!! Too bad they have to grow :)
      The girls have spent an enormous amount of time naming these little puff balls. It seems like everyday they have new ones. It is so funny to hear what they've come up with. Here's what we have so far:
         1. Gravel (gray one)
         2. Garth (other gray was Thor)
         3. Fuzzball (yellow one)
         4. Rhode Island FRED (red one)
         5. Moonlight (black one)
         6. Pepper (other black one)
         7. Chipmunk (the one with the stripe down its back)
         8. Pecker (yes, you read that right...apparently it "pecks" the other chicks. I'm trying to convince them to go back to its original name of Goldilocks because its the gold one)
      My favorite part about having these chicks is how much the girls love them. Every morning I wake up to the sound of giggles as they "check" on their pets. It is seriously the cutest sound in the whole world! Long story short...that is my world right now.....chicks and giggles!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Poor" Tooth Fairy

17 teeth and counting!

Regan's new nickname..."Jack" because she looks like a jack-o-lantern! Unfortunately, she lost this tooth (I think down the drain in the bathroom looking at the space in the mirror), so she had to write a letter to the TF to explain :)

Regan's apology/explanation to the Tooth Fairy

What the Tooth Fairy got instead of a tooth :)
     The Tooth Fairy has had to work overtime recently with all the teeth Carli and Regan have lost! He or She (is the TF a male or female? Anyone know?!) is "poor" in every sense of the word. Regan has lost all 4 of her front teeth, 2 on top and 2 on bottom. She has earned the nickname of "Jack" because of her jack-o-lantern grin :) She has a hard time saying the words with the sound "s", "f", and "th" in them and it is hilarious to watch her try and eat! Adorable! Carli has now lost a total of 17 teeth (yes, she keeps a running tally) but has lost 4 in just the last 4 weeks!! Every time we turn around she's lost another one! The last one she lost I asked her if it was even loose and her answer was, "I don't know." The Tooth Fairy has got to be getting sick of visiting our house..."poor" guy!! Atleast our dentist gets a little break :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crazy Days

"Crazy Hair Day"

Carli- Pajama Day

Regan- Favorite Dr. Seuss character...Cindy Loo Who :)

Mollie- Dr. Seuss's Birthday...Red and Blue Day for 'One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish'

Mollie with striped nails, backwards coat, and a big cheesy grin...totally Mollie! :)
      We have had some fun and crazy days lately! The school has all sorts of fun spirit days and activities they can earn as a class, like pajamas for "read-in" days and backwards clothes day. For Dr. Seuss's birthday they had all sorts of fun activities for a whole week! The girls just love it! Their most, most, most favorite day is definitely "Crazy Hair Day". They look forward to it all year! It is such a great day to do their hair (unlike most days where it is NOT so great! Gotta love having girls!) They are growing up way too fast and I know I will look back on these crazy days and miss them! Love these Crazy Days!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Teachers Pet X 2

Regan and Ms. Leonhart

Regan's special lunch in the classroom

Carli's 4th grade habitat project

The sub-alpine habitat of the Colorado Chipmunk :)

Regan's experiment #1

Regan's experiment #2

Way to go Carli!! Student of the Month again!
Regan in the 1st grade "Reader's Theatre". She did AMAZING!!
     This is totally bragging, and I'm not biased at all, but our girls are so smart! We tease them about being "smarty pants" and "teachers pet" and they only respond with giggles...they LOVE it! We are always going to the school for the girls accomplishments. Its lunch in the classroom one week, ice cream with the principal for perfect attendance the next. Then Readers Theater or Golden Roar, who knows. They keep us at the school so often all the administration knows who we are! :) I guess its better than Chad...the administration knew him as a kid, but for "other reasons"!
     Carli is a wonderful student who excels in all subjects. She scores 'Advanced' on all her state testing results and is reading at a 9th-10th grade level! She always gets Student of the Month from one teacher or another (e.g. music, PE, classroom, administration, etc) She is just an all-around good kid! I received a phone call on my cell phone from her teacher's home number. At first, I panicked! I thought, "Uh oh! What happened?" But I was pleasantly surprised when her teacher said she just wanted to call and tell us what a great student Carli is and she feels so lucky to have her in her class this year! :) We are so proud of our Carli! She is truly an amazing girl!! Love,love,love her!
     Regan has surprised us this year! She has just blossomed into a wonderful student too! Being so quiet and shy, I never expected her teachers to ever really get to know her and all she can do. BUT she has come out of her shell and developed the self confidence to show her "stuff"! Regan is a very curious girl so she loves to read and learn new things. Her latest activities have been science experiments...she makes them up, of course! We've been planting and watering various seeds, dying water to put celery in, and all sorts of crazy fun ideas! This girl is great fun! Regan is also a great reader. She participated in the 1st grade "Readers Theatre" where they pick the best readers from the grade and they perform/read for the rest of the grade. We were surprised that Regan was the only participant who read without a partner. I asked her teacher about it afterwards and she said that Regan is the BEST reader in the grade and didn't need a partner!! In fact, she then talked to me about having Regan SKIP 2nd grade and go into 3rd grade next year!! What a great thing to hear! She is such a joy! So proud of our Regan! Sure love her lots!!
     I feel so blessed to be entrusted with these amazing little girls! They are my biggest blessings!! Even if they are "Teachers Pet"

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mollie's First Ride

My little biker chicks!

All 7 kids in a row

One brave little biker

     Just before Spring Break, Mollie went mountain biking for her first time!! Not only was she fearless, but she was FAST! (Faster than offense Reg!) We met with her cousins to do Kessel Run all together and she did amazing! She only crashed once and it was minor. There were people on the trail talking about how cute she was and how it was to fun to see a rider so small doing so good :) She loved it so much we did it twice! By the time we finished, it was dark outside! We celebrated with an ice cream from McDonalds. She can't wait until she is just a little bit bigger so she can get a real mountain bike like her big sisters. We told her maybe Santa will bring her one! Sure love My Mollie...she is one fearless, tough, brave girl!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Very Happy Easter

City of Fruita Easter Egg Hunt

Good Morning!
Regan was convinced that the Easter Bunny pooped jelly beans ...she was RIGHT! We had piles of Easter Bunny "droppings" all over the house :)
Flowers for Mom from the Easter Bunny 
Carli- 9 yrs
Regan- 7 yrs
Mollie- 5 yrs

The girls painted their own toe nails this year...a request from them :)

My silly girlies! Sure love ya!!
The whole crew
   I love Easter! The fun spring colors, the flowers, the warming weather, the dresses, the sandals, the "popcorn" on the trees...all of it! Easter is a time full of love and happiness. The Wednesday before Easter our town had their community egg hunt for the kids. They thought it was a blast (all 10 minutes of it!) and they got SO many eggs! It was really more of an egg "grab" than an egg "hunt" :) They even got to see the Easter Bunny (or the Bunny's "helper" as they call him...they know it isn't the REAL Bunny because he's too big)
     On Easter morning it was nothing but squeals, giggles, and smiles! It was as good as Christmas :) The girls woke up early asking if they could check their baskets. They got some fun little things they really wanted so they were happy! My favorite moment of the day: Regan is convinced that the Easter Bunny poops jelly beans. As the picture shows, she was right! We had piles of Easter Bunny "droppings" all over the place! Regan just giggled and totally grossed out when Mollie ate them :) So cute! We had a nice morning with Chad's jelly bean pancakes (which the girls loved) and then got ready for church in their new outfits. The girls asked if they could paint their OWN toenails too! After church we headed over to the Quarnbergs for a big Easter get-together. There was somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 families there with LOTS of kids! It was so fun! Overall, it was a Very Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Its that time again!

Our soccer champions :)

The Crazy 8's

Mollie is so tiny, but she is fearless! She is a great ball player!

Look at that break away! Awsum!
One of Mollie's goals!

Whoa! Watch that elbow :)

I love this picture! One dedicated little player!
She might look bow-legged, but she's actually moving the ball where she wants it to go :)

Carli is so fast!
These 2 battled it out until the other girl fell down :)
Great move...right through her legs and straight to the goal!
     The girls started another season of soccer! Big day and we started with a bang!! All 3 girls had a double-header...that's right, 6 games! Chad and I are a little crazy about our girls playing soccer. It sounds weird, but along with being super excited, we were kinda nervous :) Luckily the girls did AMAZING!! They all played with everything they had and we are so proud of them! I actually had total strangers come up to me and tell me how they loved to watch the girls play. When I asked which player was theirs, they would say none of them...they had boys that played in a completely different age group! They would come watch the girls just to see our girls play! Apparently Carli and Regan have a little "following" (Mollie is too little still  :)  ) Mollie is the tiniest player on the field but she doesn't let that affect her. She actually got in the middle of the "bunch" and took the ball numerous times. This might be her year! She is so cute! Regan is so fast and has some great ball handling skills. She worked so hard and is one talented soccer player! She is an amazing offensive player! There is never a game where she isn't in there pushing and scoring goals! This is Carli's final season on a recreational team. Immediately after this Spring season is over she has tryouts for the Premier team. We will be beginning a whole new level of soccer! :) Carli is also super fast and being left-legged, is a great asset to her team. She is so fun to watch because she is just so good!! The club has even sent scouts to come to the games to watch her in action! It is going to be a great season!