Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Super School News

     Carli is nothing but a blessing! I know I am totally biased but she is constantly amazing me. She is so talented and such a joy to have in our home. She is being awarded/praised on a regular basis. It is amazing! Her latest accomplishment is being chosen as a school representative for Super School News on PBS. She is a news reporter for her school and it aired on national television! Before the end of school, PBS held a luncheon for all the kids in Western Colorado that were chosen to participate. As parents, we were invited to attend and it was such a neat experience to see your child be recognized for being great :) Way to go Carli! We sure love you!!

Faux Hawk

     This kid has almost no hair so its really hard to see, but I tried to do a faux hawk :) I've always wanted a boy to try this out, I finally get one and he's practically bald! Oh well. Someday he'll have hair and we can try it for reals!

1st Grade Field Trip

     One thing I always try to do is volunteer in my kids classroom and go on every field trip I can. My mom worked so she wasn't able to come regularly to my class so I want to do that for my kids. Plus it is so much fun! I love seeing them interact with their classmates and watching them learn. This was one of Mollie's first times going on a real field trip (they rode the bus, not just walked) to the Colorado National Monument. Yes, I've been on this field trip 3 times now, but it was great! Mollie loved having me there and Colby too! (I put him in the front pack) I saw first hand that Mollie is a great friend! What a fun day!

Two Months Old

          Colby is 2 months old now and full of personality! He is still such a sweet baby who loves to be held and get lots of attention. He is always moving and always smiling :) I just introduced a binky because he was trying to suck on his fingers. He doesn't love it yet, but he'll get used to it. At his 2 month check up he was 12.6 pounds and 80th percentile for height (again). He is so much bigger than the girls were! At 7 weeks old he started rolling over but not from his tummy to his back...from his back to his tummy! He HATES being on his back! Dad says its because he's a natural wrestler :) I don't know about that, but I do know he is a mover and a shaker!! Colby is so fun!

A Special Lunch for a Special Kid

     Mollie was recognized by her teacher Ms. Leonhart for being an outstanding student all year so we were invited to come eat lunch with her and her teacher in the classroom. We decided that it would be fun to surprise her with a happy meal :) She was pretty excited! Mollie is such a great kid! She's funny, smart, silly, energetic, loving, thoughtful...the list could go on and on. This was a special lunch for a pretty special kid!

One Month Old

     Colby is already one month old! Its hard to explain, but time has flown by  AND it seems as if he's been in our family forever! This little boy has been pure joy!! At his one month check up he weighed 10.6 lbs and was 80th percentile for height. He is a tall boy! He has a very sweet personality BUT is always moving...and I mean always!! He loves his naps, loves to nurse, and loves it when people smile and talk to him :)

First Smile...sort of

     This isn't a great picture, but I was trying to capture what I consider Colby's first smiles :) It might not look like a "real" smile to some, but it does to me! Not sure if it will stick, but he has a one-sided crooked smile!! I love it! This kid cracks me up! It really should be a sin to love a baby this much!