Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Easter Traditions

     Even though we had a new baby, it was still Easter! We had our usual Easter traditions to do. We had our ward Easter breakfast, talent show, and egg hunt PLUS we needed to color eggs. Carli played a piano duet with her friend Kylee Quarnberg (they did an amazing job!) and the girls enjoyed showing off their new brother :) As for coloring Easter eggs, our girls just love it! I honestly don't remember liking it much when I was a kid, but they sure do! It is one of their most favorite holiday traditions. We always make it a point to do it and this year they thought they were old enough to do it without much supervision (actually they thought they could do it with NO supervision, but I felt otherwise so they did it "mostly" by themselves) Sure love these girls and how happy they always are! Its going to be a great Easter!

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