Friday, September 13, 2013

Colby's Birth "Adventure"

Our newest family member...we love him so much!

Stretching out in the warmer

He's going to hate this picture when he's older :)

My sweet boy right after he was born!

Proud Dad :)

My awesome nurse that delivered Colby

One super sweet boy!! 
     Colby's birth was definitely an adventure, NOT just a story! After waiting for another week and passing my final due date, I was so doubtful this boy was ever going to come!! I went to bed so discouraged, telling Chad he was NEVER going to get here! (a little dramatic, I know) He assured me that this baby HAD to eventually be born and we went to bed thinking it would be another routine night. Around 4:30am I woke up suddenly from a deep sleep. Confused as to why I was awake, I laid back down to go to sleep again. Exactly 7 minutes later I had a contraction. That's why I woke up so suddenly!
     I continued to lay in bed but checking the clock because I continued to have contractions every 6-7 minutes. I remembered reading that if the contractions were "real" they would go away when you walked around so I got out of bed. It was 5:30 by then. After doing some random things around the house, the contractions had grown to every 3-4 minutes. They were uncomfortable but not too bad. I went in to wake up Chad because I wasn't sure if we should go in or not. He told me to call the doctor. I talked to the doctor on call and she told me to head in to the hospital to be checked. Chad asked if he could shower, which I said that was fine, and I made sure we had everything we needed to go to the hospital. We wrote a note to the girls and called Aunt Sheila for her to be at the house by the time the girls woke up. About 6:15am we were headed to the hospital, but I was nervous I wasn't really in labor!
     Unfortunately, that night/morning we had a late winter storm so the road was covered in ice. It took us almost 30 minutes to get to the hospital! In fact, the car in front of us on the highway was fish tailing all over both lanes and we thought for sure they were going to hit the guard rail! We went nice and slow and made it to the ER entrance at 6:40am. When we made it to the maternity floor the nurse asked if I was in labor. I smiled and said, "I hope so!" She gave me a laugh and put me in a room to change. My contractions were still around 3-4 minutes apart, but not unbearable. She came back and checked me. Great news....I was at a 9!!! Wow, we were excited! I told her I wanted an epidural right away :) She said I had to get an IV first so she rushed to get the things she needed for that.
     While she was gone things changed...I had my first contraction that HURT! Upon her return I informed her that my last contraction was painful and get the epidural coming! :) She smiled and started putting in my IV. While she was putting in the needle I had another painful contraction and my water broke!! She got a panicked look on her face and I got an amazing urge to push. This baby was coming! I asked her about the epidural and she laughed out loud. "Honey," she said. "You aren't getting an epidural." I panicked then and looked at Chad. He could tell I was scared so he came right next to me and I grabbed his hand. She told me to take little short breaths then started yelling into her radio that she needed a doctor NOW! I told her I had to push and I couldn't wait for a doctor. She yelled for one again and asked me if I could move my legs (they were still laying flat on the bed from her checking me) I told her "No, I'm ready to push." She grabbed a leg and Chad grabbed a leg. Apparently I was pushing because when they pulled my legs up, Colby was born on the bed!!
     This happened just as some resident doctor walked through the door :) The cord was wrapped around his neck but the doctor didn't know what to do! It was rather apparent that this doctor had not delivered many babies (if any at all!) The doctor got the cord off of his neck and suctioned him out. While the nurse and doctor were dealing with all the messy business, they placed my new baby boy on me to love. Chad was in close with us and I looked at him with tears in our eyes and smiled. He was perfect! It almost didn't seem real that he was finally here! It has been quite a journey to get this special boy to our family and holding him in our arms made all the heart breaks and years of waiting worth it :)
     Crazy enough, he was born at 6:55am after being there only 15 minutes! I wasn't even admitted to the hospital! The whole thing felt so surreal. I couldn't believe it went so quickly, definitely didn't plan on that but I wasn't going to complain. Even though I didn't get an epidural, it was awesome! This boy was just ready to be here so he made his entrance with a "bang"! Definitely not a story, it was nothing short of an adventure!! We are so blessed to have him here!

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Mindy Hawks said...

So awesome! Made me tear up. I'm so glad you were finally blessed with him!!